How do I treat mould spores in the air?

Put 3-4 drops of Oil of Cloves (undiluted) in an oil burner or vaporiser to assist with mould spores in the air. In addition, you could also add 1-2 drop of another essential oil to have a different scent as well.

Can I use Oil of Cloves in my cupboards?

You can use the Oil of Cloves diluted solution to spray on the inside of your cupboards. It will work best if the surfaces are dry first and then spray on. Spray over lightly so you shouldn’t really have wet cupboards. Do wipe over up to 24 hours later to remove any loose mould spores and to ensure the surface is dry.


Does Oil of Cloves work on termites?

Out of all of the essential oils, Oil of Cloves performs the best at killing termites. Apply the Oil of Cloves directly to the nest and avoid any plants that you wish to keep. Click the link to read the research.



Does Peppermint Oil work with Cockroaches?

Evidence suggests that pure Peppermint Oil does successfully repel cockroaches and can also be toxic to them. The method is to soak cotton balls/clothin Peppermint Oil and place them in jars/containers with butter smudged on the edges so that they cannot escape. In addition, spray with Peppermint Oil spray in those areas where the cockroaches are to deter them. You could also use some drops of Peppermint Oil in a vaporiser to treat whole rooms as well. The following research makes interesting reading if you wish to know more.



Is it safe to use Peppermint Oil when you have indoor pets?
The Peppermint Oil should not upset your pets. It is used on cloth or cotton wool and placed in the areas where you notice the pests. It is best to place the cloth soaked in peppermint out of reach of your pets and not directly where they sleep as a pre caution.


How do I treat mould on fabric and help prevent mould recurring?

Wherever there are conditions to promote mould growth it will grow so it is a matter of managing it the best that you can.

Our Oil of Cloves Fabric Wash contains Oil of Cloves which will help with cleaning the mould and reducing recurrence. Fabric, when dry could also be sprayed with a solution of Oil of Cloves which you would mix up yourself in a spray bottle as the presence of Oil of Cloves will help slow the growth of mould.

Other practical measures include changing the fabric (ie. clothes, bibs, sheets, towels, etc)more regularly or alternating items to allow them to dry.


Can your essential oils be used in cooking or for medicinal use?

Our essential oils are 100% pure however they are not approved for human consumption.


Is Oil of Cloves safe to use during pregnancy?

Oil of Cloves in its pure form is very concentrated and needs to be diluted before use and therefore preferable that someone else dilutes and applies the product.