Q&A. Mould Cleaning

Do you have any products that can be used on the canvas of a camper trailer please?

Our Oil of Cloves Upholster Mould Cleaner is the product for canvas, link below:

You may be interested in our blog article ‘Get Rid of Mould on Canvas’, link below:

Hi there, I have a treated pine deck that appears to have patches of black mould on it. I believe Clove oil or Spirits of Clove kill mould spores. I have wondering which of your products might be best for this problem.

For your pine deck I would suggest the Outdoor Surfaces Mould Cleaner. There are 2 dilution rates, use the one for ‘outdoor painted surfaces’ which is 500ml with 4 1/2 Litres of water.

I live in an apartment which suffers terribly from condensation in winter on bedroom windows. As a result the black out curtains grow significant mould in the lower quarter. I have a dehumidifier but it is not making a difference - the curtains are too dense. The mould appears on the curtain lining mostly and along the actual curtain.

To treat mould on curtains I would recommend our Upholstery Mould Cleaner, this can help to treat mould and assist with mould stain removal. 
Heavy curtains and keeping them closed also encourages condensation and mould growth so whenever possible try to have the curtains open.
It would also be handy to use Oil of Cloves pure as a preventative especially during the worst months. This product is a concentrate and is diluted into a spray bottle. You can use it to deter mould on every surface in your apartment.
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Which product, oil of cloves or oil of cloves platinum pro would be best for mould removal in a Jayco pop top caravan? Can I use it on the inside of the caravan also? Is it safe around kids and pets? Is there a certain amount of time that I should wait between applying this product and holidaying with the kids and pup. Will it remove the stains from mould or is there a product that you would recommend?

The Oil of Cloves and Platinum Pro can both be used for treating mould. The Platinum Pro is stronger and suitable for long term or recurring mould infestation. Both need to be diluted into a spray bottle and are safe to use around pets and kids and can be used on any surface. Give the caravan a day to air out should be enough.
If you have mould staining I would recommend the Upholstery Mould Cleaner for canvas surfaces, this product can treat mould and help with the stains.
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I have mould in my car re dampness and lack of use re covid. I see you recommend, oil of cloves to combat it. Dose it need to be used often, or is it a once only treatment please?

The Oil of Cloves will treat and kill the mould when you spray it on affected surfaces. 

Of course, mould may continue to grow in wet and humid conditions so in this case you would re-spray if the mould re-grows or you can use the spray periodically, weekly or monthly depending upon your needs as a prevention to mould recurring. I have provided a link to our Oil of Cloves product with sizes and prices.

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I have mould around my boat on various surfaces such as calking which would be similar to silicone, on vinyl upholstery and inside curtains. Can you please suggest which of your products would remove and prevent this mould.

I really wanted to recommend just one product but you have different surfaces to treat which require different products. Each of the products can be used periodically after the initial clean and treatment as a preventative measure.

1. The 'Oil of Cloves Mould Cleaner' is used for bathrooms including silicone. It will clean and kill the mould however, if the mould has penetrated the silicone/calking it may have left a stain that isn’t removed with cleaning. If the staining is long term or unsightly we suggest removing and replacing the silicone.

2. The Oil of Cloves Leather Treatment can be used for the vinyl surfaces and back of curtains if they are also vinyl. Please do a spot check first.

3. If the back of the curtains are fabric then I would suggest the Upholstery Mould Cleaner.


Have mould in sealer around edge of my shower screen appreciate if you can recommend one of your products

Our Oil of Cloves Mould Cleaner is the appropriate product for bathrooms and shower screens, link below:

This product will kill the mould. There may be some mould staining left if it has been there for a long time. Where mould has grown into grout or under silicone, replacing is recommended.


Can you please tell me what would be the best product to use on vinyl boat seats?

I would suggest our Leather Mould Treatment for vinyl seats and we would usually recommend doing a spot test first.

I have provided a link here with more information about the product.

You may also be interested to read our blog, ‘Mould on Boats & Yachts’.


I just found mould under a bedside table that was in the wardrobe.
As a preventative measure, can I put some clove oil in a little bowl and leave it inside the wardrobe to stop mould growing or will that not do much?

I’m not sure how effective it will be in a bowl. There are a few preventative things that you can do.

  • Put 3-4 drops of Oil of Clove in a vaporiser and run that in the room near the cupboard.

  • Spray with Oil of Cloves inside the cupboard once a week or once a month, depending upon your needs to keep mould down.

  • Ventilate the cupboard by leaving the doors open when you are able to.

  • Remove anything from the cupboard that doesn’t need to be there and keep items from resting on walls.

What product could I use to clean my water filter?

Our Oil of Cloves pure oil can be diluted and made up into a spray bottle to spay on all types of surfaces to kill mould and prevent re-growth, we don’t have a specific product for water filters.

I had a house full of mould. Also I am getting clothing cleaned but should I buy the detergent too? Would you add it to the detergent or the softener?

Our Fabric Wash for Mould can be used to treat mould and stains on washable clothing and fabrics. It is used on its own like you would your regular washing detergent.

I have mould in my bathroom. How much scrubbing do I need to do or can I just rinse off the mould?

The amount of scrubbing depends on how dirty the surfaces are and whether or not you need to dislodge any stuck on mould. Note, the longer mould stays on a surface the more scrubbing required and the more opportunity it has to leave a stain so we recommend to treat as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining.


The ingredients in the Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner and the Window & Glass Cleaner look similar. Can I use one spray for both purposes?

The ingredients may seem similar but there is a difference in the type and blend of surfactants and each cleaner is suitable to the particular surface requiring treatment and cleaning.

For example, the Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner is more creamy and would leave a smudgy residue on glass and mirrors. The Window & Glass Cleaner leaves a streak-free finish on glass but would not be as powerful on cleaning hard surfaces and tiles. 

I was wondering what you would recommend to wipe down some fabric-like blinds with blackout material on the back that have mould on them.

Our Upholstery Mould Cleaner is formulated for fabrics including upholstery, carpets, curtains and canvas to treat mould and remove stains.


How do I treat mould on fabric and help prevent mould recurring?

Wherever there are conditions to promote mould growth it will grow so it is a matter of managing it the best that you can.

Our Oil of Cloves Fabric Wash contains Oil of Cloves which will help with cleaning the mould and reducing recurrence. Fabric, when dry could also be sprayed with a solution of Oil of Cloves which you would mix up yourself in a spray bottle as the presence of Oil of Cloves will help slow the growth of mould.

Other practical measures include changing the fabric (ie. clothes, bibs, sheets, towels, etc)more regularly or alternating items to allow them to dry.


Just wondering if your wood cleaner is safe to use in food areas? My kitchen bench really needs it!

Yes, you can use the Wood Mould Cleaner in your kitchen and on your bench.