Mould Cleaning Plan – 3 Quick Steps

So your home has mould and you want to get to cleaning it as soon as possible.  Here are just 3 quick steps to help you prepare before you actually start cleaning.

Oil of Cloves for Mould

Defining what your home needs, selecting the appropriate mould cleaning solution, and having your cleaning tools easily accessible will help simplify the process and improve your success in cleaning and removing mould from your home.

1. What Does Your Home Need?

It is important to know what type of treatment your home needs and perhaps different rooms require a different level of cleaning. A first treatment or treat and clean require more time than a quick spot treatment or even a preventative treatment.

First Treatment - If this is the first time that you are treating mould or it has been a long time since you last treated your home, it is recommended that you treat the entire home or room, that is, every surface, not just where mould is visible. This also applies to times when the climate is particularly damp and humid. By treating every surface you are ensuring a thorough treatment and you will also capture any unseen mould (mildew) before it takes hold.

Spot Treatment – Once you have done the first treatment and regularly use mould reducing strategies in your home,  you may find that a quick spot treatment on the worst points or visible spots in each room is enough to keep your home mould free.

Treating and Cleaning – It may be that your surfaces require more than just a mould treatment. In instances where surfaces have some staining and require cleaning as well using a specific mould cleaner will provide a complete treatment. Using an Oil of Cloves cleaning product specific to the surface will achieve both a treatment and clean.

Preventative Treatment – Periodically treat your surfaces with Oil of Cloves mould cleaning solution to deter recurrent mould. This may be monthly, every season, or more or less frequently depending upon your home. Alternatively, cleaning with Oil of Cloves cleaning products will naturally keep mould at bay.

2. Oil of Cloves Mould Cleaning Solution

Your Oil of Cloves Mould Cleaning solution will include either or both:

DIY: Oil of Cloves for Mould 100% pure

Oil of Cloves for Mould 100% pure needs to be diluted before use. It should never be used directly as it is very potent and may cause damage to surfaces.

  • Add ½ teaspoon Oil of Cloves for Mould to 1 Litre of water in a spray bottle and shake well with each use.
  • Shaking the bottle well with each use is important for dispersing the Oil of Cloves in the water and achieving an even treatment.

Caution: Oil of Cloves for Mould 100% pure should not be handled when pregnant.

3. Cleaning Tools

Gather together the tools you will need to give your home a mould treatment and clean.

  • Rubber gloves
  • Face mask - optional
  • Goggles - recommended when treating ceilings
  • Oil of Cloves for Mould (diluted) or Oil of Cloves Cleaning Product
  • Cloths – soft & clean
  • Toothbrush – for grout and silicone
  • Microfibre cloth – for windows and mirrors

Tip: Keep all of your mould cleaning tools together in a bucket and use only for mould cleaning projects.

Having a Mould Cleaning Plan will provide you with the knowledge and tools ready to tackle any mould problem in your home and enable you to manage mould and prevent it from recurring and taking hold in the future.

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