Q&A. Oil of Cloves

What is the % of Eugenol in the Oil of Cloves for Mould 200ml?  The bottle doesn't say. I noticed that the Platinum Pro bottle says (94.1% Eugenol).

Our Oil of Cloves has naturally occurring Eugenol 84-88% and Carophyllene 9-12%. We source from a highly reputable global supplier.
Different species of Cloves may provide a natural difference in scent which is common with plants. Our Oil of Cloves for mould will be effective at killing mould and reducing re-growth and has already helped many of our customers.


If I buy the 200ml oil of cloves for mould, can it be used as an essential oil in a Diffuser or is it for mixing in water and using as a cleaning agent only?

Yes, you can use the Oil of Cloves in a diffuser and any way that you would use an essential oil as well as for cleaning.

Is Oil of Cloves safe to use during pregnancy?

Oil of Cloves in its pure form is very concentrated and needs to be diluted before use and therefore preferable that someone else dilutes and applies the product.


Can I use Oil of Cloves in my cupboards?

You can use the Oil of Cloves diluted solution to spray on the inside of your cupboards. It will work best if the surfaces are dry first and then spray on. Spray over lightly so you shouldn’t really have wet cupboards. Do wipe over up to 24 hours later to remove any loose mould spores and to ensure the surface is dry.