Leather Treatment
Leather Treatment

Leather Treatment

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The Oil of Cloves Company

The Brand story:

The Oil of Cloves Company was conceived, developed and created with care in Melbourne Australia. Founded in 2008, we pride ourselves on providing effective solutions for cleaning mould. In 2010, we created and added our Peppermint solutions range to deter pests naturally.

A positive choice:

Oil of Cloves Leather Treatment contains clove oil, beeswax, eucalyptus oil and lanolin.100% pure natural Oil of Cloves (Clove Oil) is especially suited to treating mould. The naturally occurring constituent, Eugenol, in Oil of Cloves kills mould and helps to prevent the regrowth of new mould.


Here's what Di had to say👇

"I have purchased your Leather Treatment for my leather lounge which started to get mould patches when we moved to Coffs Harbour and experienced humidity for the first time. Being from Victoria originally I was absolutely flabbergasted when I found mould not only the lounges but also my leather jacket and shoes - this worked a treat and is easy to use. A fabulous product that nipped my mould problem in the bud.”

Suitable for:

Sofas, handbags, shoes/boots, jackets, saddles, etc.


  • Cleans mould from leather surfaces.
  • Paste assists penetration of oil to kill mould spores in the grain and inhibit mould regrowth.
  • Softens, nourishes and protects leather.

Size: 200ml tub

How to Use:

  1. Stir thoroughly. Spot test on inconspicuous area. Leave for 24 hours.
  2. Apply with a soft clean cloth in a circular motion. Leave for 24 hours.
  3. Remove any excess by wiping with soft clean cloth.

For heavily soiled or stained leather: Use Leather Pre-Cleaner first.

Tip: Apply regularly to deter mould regrowth and maintain leather condition.

Leather Pre-Cleaner

  • For use on heavily soiled or stained leather before application of Oil of Cloves Leather Treatment.
  • Provides a gentle, deep clean to remove dirt, grime & body oil stains.
  • Use on fully pigmented, corrected grain leather.

Not suitable for: Suede, nubuck or aniline leathers.

How to Use:

  1. Dust leather and apply pre-cleaner with a soft damp cloth.
  2. Rub well using a circular motion. Wipe off any excess with a towelling cloth.
  3. Apply Oil of Cloves Leather Treatment following instructions above.