The idea of using natural and DIY cleaning solutions to tackle mould around the home is well supported by the enormous range of articles, blogs, videos and images on the internet. However, with such a large amount of information it is difficult to know where to start and how to find the most useful advice. To make it easier for you, here at The Oil of Cloves Company we have compiled this guide which brings together a wealth of reliable and trustworthy resources that further discuss the health implications of mould as well as advice, practical steps and inspiration for cleaning and preventing mould around your home.

Household                                                                                Walls & Ceilings

Household Mould                                                                         Remove Mould from Walls & Ceilings

Storm                                                                               Bathrooms, Showers & Grout

Mould After Storm, Flood or Cyclone                               Mouldy Bathrooms, Showers & Grout

Health                                                                             Leather

Mould and Your Health                                                               Cleaning Mould on Leather

Carpet                                                                             Leather

Mould on Upholstery, Carpet, Canvas & Curtains          Cleaning Kitchen Mould



Australia has a unique and diverse climate, ranging from drought-ridden to tropical and humid. All Australians especially those living in tropical and humid climates will be well aware of mould and mildew and will require knowledge to be sure their homes do not become mould infested in the local environment. These resources provide especially helpful information and advice about tackling household mould.

How To

Living Safe

The living safe website provides ideas for cleaning your home naturally and safely with essential oils with a particular focus on Eucalyptus and Oil of Cloves.


QLD State Government Fact Sheet on Mould and Damp

An informative fact sheet on how to prevent and remove mould and damp. It gives instruction on making your own mould cleaning solution using Tea Tree Oil (or Oil of Cloves) and provides tips on how to use your mould cleaning solution.

VIC State Government Community Fact Sheet

For further advice refer to this handy Community Fact Sheet from the Victorian State Government. This article presents 3 concise steps on removing moisture, mould and preventing regrowth.


3 Noval DIY Mould Removers

For 3 noval natural mould removers, read on at the StartsAt60 website. It presents a range of preventative mould strategies for around the home as well as DIY mould removers including the use of Oil of Cloves.


4 Things You Should Know about Mould and Mildew

Watch this YouTube video presented by Melissa Maker at Clean My Space. Melissa gives comprehensive information about household mould and mildew. The talk covers mould and mildew in regards to health and home, DIY solutions and prevention.


DIY Natural Home Cleaners

This board showcases a broad range of DIY natural home cleaners. With many familiar home remedies to new and interesting ideas as well, it will help you to focus on your natural home cleaning regime.



A storm, flood or cyclone can be devastating to people, homes, community and local environment. These natural disasters occur regularly in Australia and the wet conditions encourage the proliferation of mould and mildew. Research online to give you a better idea of the things you can do for yourself and those best left to the pros. Here are some good places to start.

How To

QLD State Government: Health, Wellbeing and Cleaning Up

After a devastating storm, flood or cyclone it’s useful to be informed about how to protect yourself whilst cleaning up mould affected buildings and homes. This informative article from the Queensland State Government gives guidelines for such a clean up and emergency contact numbers for assistance.


National Asthma Council: Mould Health Hazard Warning after Australia’s Big Wet

Read this informative 2017 Media Release from the National Asthma Council Australia. After significant humid, wet weather and flooding a household mould prevention checklist was developed with a particular focus to reduce the risk of mould to allergy and asthma sufferers.


The ABC: Flood Clean Up Tips

Queensland and Northern New South Wales are prone to hot, humid weather and flooding. These weather conditions encourage an environment of mould growth and proliferation. In this article from the ABC, Tropical North, Shannon Lush, author of the Stainless and Spotless book series, has some inspirational mould cleaning tips for your home post flood.


The ABC: Using Oil of Cloves for Mould

Listen to this informative ABC interview with Shannon Lush, author of the Spotless book series, on how to use Oil of Cloves for mould on household items including leather, soft fabrics, sofas and painted surfaces.



Mould and mildew can be difficult to prevent and eradicate, it can adversely affect your health and leave an unpleasant odour. Simple and effective strategies can be applied to reduce the growth of mould in your environment and its impact on your health. Here are some of our favourite resources for reducing the impact of mould on your health.

How To

VIC State Government: Better health guide

A guide to mould and your health from the Victorian State Government. Covers topics for mould identification, the health effects of mould and actions you can take to reduce mould.

Domain: How household mould affects your health and what you can do about it

Household mould can cause many harmful health problems for yourself, loved ones and pets. Domain Real Estate have dedicated a page to household mould and who is at risk. Read this article to learn more about the affect of mould on your health and what you can do to reduce mould in your home.

Respiratory distress, adult onset asthma and neurological issues

There are numerous health problems caused by mould and the risk of health issues increases with prolonged exposure to mould. In this article from Huffington Post, Kirstie Fitzpatrick describes the health issues as well as providing ideas on how to remove mould from your home.


NSW State Government: Health environment factsheet

This helpful fact sheet on mould from the NSW State Government provides useful information about mould, its health affects and practical advice on how you can prevent mould from growing in your home.

10 Easy Steps To Toxic Free Living

For an additional and comprehensive resource buy this book to learn how to identify toxins in your home. This book goes beyond just safely and naturally removing mould from your home it broadly provides 10 easy steps to toxic free living. This is a guide for making healthier and safer choices.


My house was poisoning me

In this story from Mamamia, Chantelle Baxter gives her compelling story about the health issues that she suffered and how she discovered to her shock and surprise that it was the mould in her house that was making her sick.

Make your home healthy too

Ever wanted to improve the health of your home by preventing mould build up? Then read this fascinating article from the Conversation website. Jeroen Douwes, Professor of Public Health at Massey University outlines how household mould affects your health. He suggests giving your home a health check and gives pointers on how to make permanent, long term changes to your home to reduce mould growth.



Upholstery, carpet, canvas and curtains. We invest in these items in our homes and want to protect them. Fabrics can be particularly susceptible and permanently damaged by mould spores and mould growth. That’s why we’ve made an extra effort to bring together some of the best mould fighting solutions for fabrics on the web for your benefit.

How To

Using Oil of Cloves on outdoor fabrics

See how you can harness the mould fighting benefits of Oil of Cloves for your outdoor fabrics. This article from the lifestyle website and author Shannon Lush, lists 2 easy steps to inhibit and remove mould from your canvas fabrics, garden shades and umbrellas.


The ABC: Mould on soft furnishings and carpets

Read this ABC, North Queensland article to discover ideas for getting rid of mould and mildew on your soft furnishings (items that cannot go in the washing machine) and carpets. The Queen of Clean Shannon Lush explains the benefits of using Oil of Cloves for mould and how to treat those mouldy indoor furnishings.

Removing mould from floors and carpets

Carpets and floors are prone to mould when exposed to wet or damp areas. As an additional resource this article from Cleanipedia gives tips on mould removal from wooden floors and carpets.


3 methods to get rid of carpet mould

This inspirational article from WikiHow discusses 3 different ways that you can treat mouldy carpets. Each method gives clear step by step instructions and large images to make following the instructions easy.



We love a clean and healthy home. But we also love living in the sun and warm environments and the two don’t always go together. When the climate or season is both warm and wet, mould can quite literally leave its mark on our walls and ceilings. Having a strategy to deal with mould is essential. There is a lot of information out there about cleaning mould; here are our favourite resources relating to cleaning mould from walls and ceilings.

How To

Cleaning Mouldy Walls with Oil of Cloves

An inspirational quick 1 minute read from the lifestyle website. Shannon Lush, home cleaning guru, has this tip on how to clean mould from bathroom walls using Oil of Cloves.


Choice: How to get rid of mould

The Choice website devotes a page to getting rid of household mould. It covers a 3 step process for treating mould yourself. Of particular interest is the discussion on the usefulness of commercial mould cleaning products and it also gives some advice on when to call in the professionals.


4 Easy Steps to Deal with Mould and Mildew

When your bedroom is dark and poorly ventilated you can likely smell the mildew and see the mould. This helpful advice from Shannon Lush, author of the Spotless book series, outlines 4 easy steps dealing with mould and mildew in a damp and mouldy room.


DIY Mould Removal from Walls and Ceilings

Let this board inspire you to tackle mould on your walls and ceilings before it takes hold and becomes both unsightly and unhealthy.



Our bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in our homes for us and our guests. Bathrooms by their very nature are also wet and damp environments and for this reason are particularly prone to mould and mildew build up. It is relatively easy to employ some strategies to prevent and clean mould from your bathroom. Here are some of our favourite articles and websites on tackling bathroom mould.

How To

4 Ways to Remove Bathroom Mould

This ‘How To’ website devotes a page to removing Mould with DIY cleaners. It comprehensively covers how to make your own mould removal cleaners, using the cleaning solution and preventing further bathroom mould.

Removing Mould from Shower Curtains

As an additional resource this handy article from WikiHow shows how shower curtains can also be treated for mould using Oil of Cloves.


How to Keep Your Bathroom Mould Free

Be inspired by this popular lifestyle channel with helpful tips and tricks on keeping your bathroom and shower mould free. has an extensive range of interesting and inspiring articles on general house cleaning and interior design.


The science behind Oil of Cloves

Have you ever wondered why so many people champion Oil of Cloves as the best mould cleaner. Read on to discover the ORAC Scale and how it measures the effectiveness of Oil of Cloves as a mould inhibitor and remover. This article by Katrina Chambers also gives a quick handy tip to clean mould from your washing machine rubber seal.


Bathroom Mould Removal Ideas

This board is an excellent source of images for cleaning mould with a focus on bathrooms. Admire the boards and add them to your own Pinterest page. Or click the images you find most inspiring to be directed to original websites, often filled with additional hints and tips.



Arguably one of the best things about the advent of the internet for household cleaning has been the treasure trove of useful and inspirational ideas, guides and tools to help you clean and prevent mould in your home. Mould can take hold anywhere including on your precious leather items. Here are some great ideas for cleaning mould from your leather.

How To

4 methods for cleaning leather

Mould can take hold fast and needs to be remedied quickly. However, proceed with caution when cleaning your leather items as they can easily be damaged and not all cleaners are suitable for all types of leather. View the WikiHow website for how to clean leather. Given its susceptibility to mould, after cleaning your leather apply a mould inhibitor to protect your leather items from future mould growth.


Completely spotless

For an additional and comprehensive resource buy this book for advice to treat mould on your leather items and in addition, this book provides further general tips for caring for leather items. It is also a useful resource on solutions to many cleaning issues around the home.


Treat mould on leather

If your’e into DIY around the home then read on for 8 quick cleaning tips with Oil of Cloves. This article includes a tip on how to treat mould on leather.


Channel 7s Sunrise: How to treat mould on leather

An engaging and entertaining discussion featured on Channel 7s Sunrise. The Queen of Clean, Shannon Lush, discusses treating mould on leather, hard surfaces and fabrics with Oil of Cloves. She also give tips on using Lavender oil for ironing and keeping bugs at bay and other helpful advice to un shrink jumpers and a simple oven cleaning tip.



It can be relatively simple to keep your kitchen clean and free of mould and mildew. Research and gather plenty of handy tips for your kitchen space. Here are some good places to start.

How To

8 Simple Steps to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

A clean kitchen is the first step in achieving a mould free zone. This article from Victoria Fulford, the brainchild of Simply Clean, discusses some interesting facts about the germs that grow and lurk in our kitchens spaces. This page provides 8 simple and practical steps to keep your kitchen clean.


7 Most Neglected Spots in Your Kitchen

Find inspiration for keeping a beautiful and naturally clean kitchen in this article from Good Food Magazine. It presents natural cleaning ideas for 7 of the most neglected spots in your kitchen.


2 Cleaning Solutions to Treat Mouldy Tiles and Grout

Watch how a building manager removes kitchen mould. Presenter and building manager Dustin shows you his cleaning tips on removing mould using 2 different cleaning solutions. Its a short video with some great advice.


Simple and Natural Kitchen Cleaning

Do you want a safe and clean kitchen that is also easy to look after? Check out this board for simple and natural kitchen cleaning ideas for your home.


So there you have it. The best resources from around the web for tackling mould on various surfaces and items around the home that you may be struggling with. Well, struggle no more. We finish this guide by providing some of the websites that we think encompass quality resources on community issues and provide solutions to any of your mould and healthy home needs and queries. We hope that they give you support and guidance now and into the future.

QLD Government                 VIC Government              NSW Government          Choice               National Asthma Council

ABC News                           Shannon Lush                    Lifestyle Channel           Cleanipedia                

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