Fabric & Clothes Mould Cleaner BOX - 15 Units
Fabric & Clothes Mould Cleaner BOX - 15 Units

Fabric & Clothes Mould Cleaner BOX - 15 Units

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There are a lot of reasons to love being wrapped up in soft, cozy linens and fabrics. Launder all washable fabrics and linens, even shower curtains in this specially formulated wash to eliminate mould and mildew odours. As a handy bonus, this wash reduces mould spreading to your other loved garments and keeps your washing machine clean too! Giving you the joyful experience of clean, fresh-smelling clothes and fabrics.


  • 100% pure natural Oil of Cloves - especially suited to treating mould and mildew odours.

  • Naturally occurring Eugenol - kills mould and helps to prevent mould spreading.

  • All-purpose formula – suitable for most washable fabrics. Not for delicate fabrics such as silk.

  • Suitable for all types of washing – hot and cold water, hard water, soaking, regular use.

  • Convenient – use in front or top-loading washing machines.

  • Phosphate-free – safe for the environment and your family.

  • 500ml bottle – approx 10-20 washes.

  • Septic safe.

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Oil of Cloves, non-ionic plant-based surfactants, pure essential oils, natural antioxidant, plant-derived oils. Phosphate free.

Cleans mould, mould spores and eliminates mould odours from clothes and washable fabrics.

How to Use:

  1. Shake bottle well.
  2. Dilute 50ml Fabric Wash in the washing machine (25ml for front loading).

  3. Wash as per garment instructions.

  4. DO NOT pour directly onto clothes.

Suitable for:

  • Clothes, linen, shower curtains, all washable fabrics.

  • Front & top load washing machines.

  • Hot & cold water. Hard water.

  • Septic systems.

Unsuitable for: Delicate fabrics such as silk.

Hand Washing or Soaking:

For particularly bad mould stains: Soak overnight with 20mL Oil of Cloves Fabric Wash diluted in a bucket of water. Then wash following instructions above. Do not soak zips or metal buttons.

Tip: Use with every wash for 2 weeks to prevent mould spreading.

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