Good Home Hygiene Tips for Mould on Walls & Ceilings

One of the most common areas if not the most common area of the home affected by mould are walls and ceilings. Mould spores are ever-present in our indoor and outdoor environments. Spores float through the air and easily attach on to walls and ceilings. With the right conditions, these spores will proliferate and promote the growth of mould.

Oil of Cloves Wall Mould Cleaner

Removing mould from walls and ceilings can be a lot of work because of the large expanse to treat and difficult to reach areas. When your entire home needs a complete treatment for mould or mould prevention an economical mould solution that can be diluted into larger quantities such as Oil of Cloves 100% pure oil is recommended.

Conditions which promote the growth of mould on walls and ceilings:

  • Wet and humid weather
  • Moisture and leaks
  • Poor ventilation
  • Clutter and dust
  • Infrequent cleaning

Good home hygiene:

Ventilation – keep your home well ventilated by opening doors and windows, turning on ceiling fans and using roof vents. This will help to keep the air circulating and reduce the opportunity for spores to adhere themselves to surfaces.

Moisture - in the home not only comes from the wet and humid weather outdoors it can build up from inside the home too. Ensure bathroom doors are not being left open during or after a shower and make sure to always utilise the fan when cooking in the kitchen. More serious moisture or dampness may be the result of roof leaks or damaged pipes within walls. In this instance, you seek the advice of professional roofers or plumbing trades without delay.

Clutter – in the home also encourages mould growth. Reducing the number of physical items and putting items away will help. Dust is also part of the clutter when it comes to walls and ceilings as it clings to the surfaces and provides a foothold for airborne spores. Regularly dusting walls and ceilings will reduce mould growth. It’s recommended to dust your walls and ceilings before applying your mould cleaning solution to improve cleaning results.

Regular spot cleaning – treating smaller areas of your walls and ceilings that are more prone to mould will reduce its ability to spread to the rest of the house. As soon as you see a pink, grey or green spot on your walls swiftly treat it with mould cleaning solution. If the mould has left a stain on your walls or ceilings treat it with a solution of Oil of Cloves Wall & Ceiling cleaner that can kill mould and remove the stain as well.

Utilising good home hygiene and regular spot cleaning will avoid you having to treat all of your walls and ceilings too often.

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