How to Get Rid of Mould on Windows

Beautiful, sparkling windows make your home look and feel fresh and clean. However, keeping windows mould free can be a challenge. Mould can form on windows due to temperature changes and condensation and windows and metal frames are the coldest part of the home making them susceptible to condensation. If left untreated, mould can begin to grow on timber and metal window frames and eventually spread to the rest of the home.

How to get rid of mould on windows

Read on to discover how to keep windows clean and the best tools to use, how to kill mould, prevent future mould growth and achieve perfectly, clean mould-free and streak-free windows.

Prevention Tips

Tip 1

Fans - Have existing fans ducted outside or install an exhaust fan and duct it outside. Leave fans running for an hour after a shower to continue to remove moisture.

Tip 2

Clothes drying - Dry clothes outside in the sun, do not leave wet clothes hanging inside, not even the bathroom.

Tip 3

InsulationPermanent solutions include installing wall insulation and double glazed windows. As this can be expensive, installing these in the southern areas of the home only would help. Alternatively, there are temporary insulation solutions for windows from hardware stores that will help to reduce condensation.

Note: Heavy drapes will increase condensation as they prevent warm air from reaching the window.

Tip 4

Regular cleaning - Mould grows on the dust and debris that accumulates on windows so regular window cleaning, particularly in the mould prolific season is essential to staying ahead of mould on windows.

Note: Mould will not grow on anti-mould paint however it will still take hold and grow on the dust and debris that accumulates on surfaces.

Cleaning Tools

Prepare for window cleaning by having your cleaning tools ready. Always use clean cloths and wash or discard them after cleaning mouldy surfaces.

  • Terry towelling cloth.

  • Microfibre cloth.

  • Lint free towel.

  • Small, clean brush.

  • Cobweb brush (optional).

Mould cleaning solution

  1. Treat mould on windows – dilute ½ teaspoon Oil of Cloves for Mould into 500ml spray bottle of water; or

  2. Treat mould and clean windows – to treat and clean at the same time use Oil of Cloves Window & Glass Mould Cleaner.

Cleaning Steps

Step 1:

Protect your floor with a towel.

Step 2:

Dust windows with small brush and remove cobwebs.

Step 3:

Use a terry towel to wipe window frame, removing dirt and grime.

Step 4:

Spray your mould cleaning solution onto each window, wait 5 minutes and wipe with the lint free cloth.

Step 5:

Wipe over with the mircofibre cloth for a perfect streak free finish.


    Regular window cleaning and mould treatment will help you to keep ahead of mould, preventing it from spreading throughout your home and leaving you to enjoy crystal clear, sparkling windows.

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