'Eugenol' The Power in Oil of Cloves Platinum Pro

Oil of Cloves is made up of a number of naturally occurring constituents, Eugenol being one of the main components. It is the Eugenol in this plant that has the most responsibility for killing mould and slowing mould regrowth. Therefore it is essential to have a high quality oil with potent amounts of Eugenol working in synergy with the plants other chemical properties to have an effective mould treatment.


Interesting Facts about Eugenol

Character - Eugenol is a colourless to pale yellow liquid, having the distinct warm, spicy aroma of cloves.

Origins - Eugenol naturally occurs in many plants including nutmeg, cinnamon, basil and bayleaf but is most potent in Oil of Cloves.

Tradition - Eugenol has many historical and traditional uses in the industries of dentistry, health, medicine, aquaculture, fungicide and pest control.

Dentistry - Eugenol has a long history of use in the dental profession for alleviating tooth pain as well as being antibacterial and antiseptic.

Medicine - Eugenol also has anti-inflammatory properties and has traditionally been used for digestive upset and respiratory conditions such as cough and asthma. Also for relieving itch and fungal skin conditions. Despite this historical use we do not recommend ingesting Eugenol or using Eugenol as a medicine.

Airborne Pathogens - Due to its anti-fungal properties it is effective at controlling airborne pathogens from food, humans and decaying fungi.

Aquaculture – In this industry Eugenol is used as a gentle anaesthetic for fish to easily and humanely relocate them.

Treating Mould

Due to its mould inhibiting capabilities, naturally occurring Eugenol can be used as an alternative to synthetic fungicides and traditional chemical mould removal practices. The higher concentration of Eugenol in Oil of Cloves Platinum Pro makes it suitable for severe or long term mould infestation and can kill stubborn mould.

For removal of mould staining or treatment on a specialised surface such as fabrics or upholstery an Oil of Cloves Cleaning Product would ideally be used in conjunction with Platinum Pro. For further information please see our blog on ‘How to Choose an Oil of Cloves Solution’.


Make your own high strength spray with Oil of Cloves Platinum Pro. Just 1 teaspoon per 1 Litre of water in a spray bottle and spray on affected surfaces. As an added bonus the spray will leave a warm, spicy aroma in your home and due to the antimicrobial and mild antiseptic properties will clean and disinfect as well.

DIY spray is great for most hard surfaces but not polymarble surfaces. Use caution when spraying around fabrics as it is not specially meant for fabrics.


Placing 3-4 drops of Oil of Cloves Platinum Pro in a diffuser to treat airborne mould and pathogens. Ideally use a vaporiser that doesn’t require water especially when treating for mould and mildew as the idea is to reduce the moisture in the home. There are electric vaporisers available that do not require water, are quite affordable and very simple to use.

Eugenol works synergistically with the other components in Oil of Cloves and a good quality, pure oil with high concentrations of Eugenol will help to effectively kill mould and inhibit new growth over time leaving you with less mould removal cleaning and a healthier home.

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