Lemon Essential Oil

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Suitable for: Household disinfectant & cleaning, air freshener, wood polish, aromatherapy.

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1 Litre

Pure 100% Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), undiluted

A natural essential oil with excellent disinfectant properties and a sweet scent.


  • General household cleaning - as a disinfectant dilute in water and use to wipe down benches and cupboards.

  • Air freshener - eliminate cooking smells by adding 3-4 drops to a vaporiser.

  • Cleaning and polishing wood.

  • Aromatherapy - useful for all aromatherapy and massage applications.

Also available:

Lemon Oil Spray, 500mL - spray on hard surfaces in kitchen and bathroom to disinfect, spray on wood to polish, use as an all natural air freshener, spray on clothes when ironing.

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