Peppermint Pest Spray
Peppermint Pest Spray
Peppermint Pest Spray
Peppermint Pest Spray

Peppermint Pest Spray

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A unique and dynamic spray for use in your home to naturally deter a range of common household pests including mice, rats, snakes and ants without harming them. May discourage other pests although the effect is less known. Our pure Peppermint Oil for Pests is used in our signature Peppermint Pest Spray, harnessing the naturally high, menthol content that is especially suited to deterring pests. Easily apply this convenient and wholistic spray for even coverage of peppermint oil leaving a refreshing, menthol scent for a pest-free home.


  • Strong, robust menthol aroma – irritating to pests, encouraging them to move on; discourages new pests.
  • Easy to use – simply spray in areas of pest infestation including window sills, door jams, in cabinets, under furniture; re-apply when scent dissipates.
  • Convenient - ready to use; no diluting required.
  • Multipurpose – deter mice, rats, ants, spiders and snakes; deter other pests and insects such as cockroaches although the effect is less known.
  • Ethical – deter pests without harming them, you or the environment.
  • Contains Peppermint Oil for Pests – effective strength for deterring pests; peppermint essence and fragrance oil are not strong enough to deter pests.
  • Natural - free from SLS, synthetics, parabens and fillers.
  • Local - created and made in Australia.
  • Care - do not use when pregnant. Use sparingly and increase as needed, menthol can be overpowering when overused.


Single - 500ml spray bottle; convenient, ready to use.

Twin pack - 2 x 500ml spray bottle; convenient, ready to use.

Pest Spray 2L and 5L containers - suitable for large projects; convenient, ready to use; spray bottle not included.

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Signature blend, natural surfactant and emulsifier.

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