Oil of Cloves Platinum Pro

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Oil of Cloves Platinum Pro

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100% pure with 94.1% Eugenol content by The Oil of Cloves Company.

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100% Pure -Eugenol Rating 94.1%

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Oil of Cloves Platinum Pro

Our highest strength Oil of Cloves.

This Oil of Cloves has a higher Eugenol content (active) than standard Oil of Cloves.

This high eugenol Oil of Cloves effectively kills mould spores and inhibits mould growth.

There is no other Oil of Cloves on the market of this quality or strength. 

Instructions: Spray a dilution of 1/4-1/2 teaspoon Oil of Cloves diluted with 1 litre water to affected surface to clean mould and inhibit regrowth.

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