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I have used your spray cleaner and the concentrate. However it seems to have left my bath stained with brown. Super disappointing just wondering if you know how this can be removed?

Oil of Cloves pure can leave marks if it hasn’t been diluted or diluted sufficiently with water before applying.

Try Bunnings as they may have advice or a product for it.

Enamel repair kits, Reece plumbing have one.


Bath resurfacing and repair company.


I was hoping to get some oil of cloves standard or platinum pro for our house which smells very musty. I was wondering if it can be used in an oil diffuser and if so, which product you would recommend and if there’s a particular brand of diffuser you would recommend too.

Both the Oil of Cloves pure and Platinum Pro are suitable to use in an oil burner. They can be used in any type of burner or vaporiser. I like these electric vaporisers from Aromamatic as they don’t need any water and therefore don’t create condensation or water droplets in the air which encourage mould growth.


Can your essential oils be used in cooking or for medicinal use?

Our essential oils are 100% pure however they are not approved for human consumption. 

Can you please advise of your location & if you are sydney based if you offer same day shipping or if I can collect the product

We are an online store based in Melbourne. Orders placed before 11am will ship the same day.

We offer free standard shipping and flat rate $10 express post shipping.

We ordered the wall spray to kill some mould from roof damage by previous tenant. I applied to a cloth and got all the mould out but a day later it's giving me headaches. How long does the smell last or is there a way to neutralize it?

To neutralise the scent, placing a bowl of bicarb soda or coffee grounds in the room will help to absorb the aroma. Also, open the windows to ventilate as much as possible until the scent dissipates. Also, discard the cloth because of the scent but also because it has been used to clean mould and it is best not to re-use it and avoid spreading any spores.