Wood Cleaner

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Suitable for: Timber furniture, benchtops, wooden window & door frames, most types of timber/wood surfaces.

2 Sizes:

Spray Bottle 500mL

Jerry Can 2 Litre

Oil of Cloves Wood Cleaner, 500ml

  • Cleans mould from timber and wooden surfaces.
  • Kills mould spores and helps prevent future mould regrowth.
How to Use:
  1. Spray on surface and clean with soft cloth.
  2. Respray lightly and leave for 24 hours (to kill mould spores), then wipe over with soft cloth.
Long term or severe mould infestation: Due to the porous nature of wood, sanding and revarnishing may be required to remove mould staining. Treating with Oil of Cloves Wood Cleaner will kill mould spores and prevent further staining. Raw (untreated) timber: Sanding may be needed to remove mould stain.
Contains: Oil of Cloves, Lemon Oil, Emulsifiers.
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