Oil Of Cloves & Mould

Oil Of Cloves is natural product which kills mould and prevents regrowth.


Oil Of Cloves contains Eugenol, it is this substance found naturally in Oil Of Cloves which attacks mould and kills mould spores. Unlike many chemicals which merely remove visible mould whilst leaving mould spores intact, Oil Of Cloves gets to the source of mould growth.

Choosing the best type of Oil Of Cloves for Mould

There are numerous different types of Clove Oils and they contain different amounts of Eugenol. Some oils may have been chosen specifically because they are suited to cooking or aromatherapy but that is very different to choosing an oil for mould. These oils typically have a Eugenol content around 60%.

We have gone to great lengths to source an oil which is most suited to killing mould, and that is the oil with the highest amount of eugenol possible - 89%. The result is more effective mould killing ability compared to other Clove Oils with the use of less oil.
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