Oil of Cloves Household Cleaning Bundle

Oil of Cloves Household Cleaning Bundle

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The Oil of Cloves Company

The Brand story:

The Oil of Cloves Company was conceived, developed, and created with care in Melbourne Australia. Founded in 2008, we pride ourselves on providing effective solutions for cleaning mould. In 2010, we created and added our Peppermint solutions range to deter pests naturally.

A positive choice:

100% pure natural Essential Oils of Clove, Lavender, and Lemon are especially suited to cleaning and aromatherapy applications. The naturally occurring constituents in our Pure Essential Oils have powerful antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Oil of Cloves, Lavender Oil & Lemon Oil, 100% Pure Oil, undiluted
  • 100% pure. Free from SLS, synthetic parabens, synthetics, and fillers; guaranteeing unaltered, pure oil.
  • Extraction method: Steam distilled or cold-pressed.

Common Uses:

  • Disinfect, purify, refresh and uplift using these delightful essential oils in your daily household cleaning.
  • Oil of Cloves - Kill mould and inhibit mould re-growth. Use 1 tsp per 1 Litre water.
  • Lavender Essential Oil - Dilute and use as a spray to deodorise and disinfect bench tops, promote ease and calm.
  • Lemon Essential Oil - Use drops in a vaporiser as an air freshener and as a disinfectant spray.

Caution: Whilst generally safe, repeated use of any essential oil may cause skin irritation or allergic reaction in some people. Always use diluted. Not to be taken.