Beat Pests With Peppermint Oil

A great way to stop using unpleasant chemical pest sprays and traps from the store is to discover the power of Peppermint Oil. Small rodents and insects among other pests are repelled by the scent of Peppermint Oil whereas for us the smell is rather pleasant.

Peppermint Pest Spray


When using Peppermint Oil to deter rodents such as mice and rats, the menthol is irritating and they will move on and find a new home. Peppermint Oil will not kill rodents which is particularly useful if you do not want the smell of dead, rotting rodents in your roof, under your house or in your vehicle.

Peppermint Oil has also been shown to be very useful at deterring other pests as well such as ants, spiders and cockroaches. Some even find it useful in discouraging snakes from taking up residence in their home or car.

Tip 1: Deter Pests from Choosing Your Home

Clean up crumbs, food waste, rubbish and pet food. Block up any holes in walls or crevices where rodents and pests can enter the home. Tidy up rubbish and clutter outside of the home as well. Leaving timbers, garden waste, unwanted household items in your yard virtually invites pests to make a home at your place and they will enter your home for food.

Peppermint Pest Spray

Tip 2: Use Peppermint Oil to Deter Pests

If you already have pests there are many ways that you can use Peppermint Oil and Pest Spray around your home to naturally deter pests and encourage them to move on.

Peppermint Oil

Use Peppermint Oil for Pests directly on cotton balls or cloth and place in areas of infestation. This is the best way to get rid of pests as the Peppermint aroma has a lot of strength applied with this technique. When you notice the scent dissipate that is the time to reapply more Peppermint Oil to your cotton ball or cloth.

Peppermint Oil is concentrated and should therefore be stored out of reach of children and pets. Do not ingest Peppermint Oil and avoid use in pregnancy. The menthol in Peppermint can be overpowering, start sparingly and increase as needed.

Tip 3: Spray with Peppermint

DIY Peppermint Spray

To make your own spray we advise 100ml Peppermint Oil mixed with 200ml water to make 300ml spray. This is the strength required to be effective. Some recipes advise using white vinegar in the spray as well however, this does not add to the effectiveness of the spray for pests and personally I do not like the smell of vinegar around my home.

Usage Tip: Peppermint Oil does not disperse in water so remember to shake the bottle very well with each use otherwise you might just be spraying water!

Peppermint Pest Spray

Our Peppermint Pest Spray is very economical, great value and convenient. Peppermint Pest Spray is a wholistic product that enables the Peppermint Oil to disperse with water and provides for an even coverage of Peppermint Oil when sprayed.

Use Peppermint Pest Spray in areas where it is not practical to leave cotton balls or cloth. Areas such as window sills, doorways, floorboards, ceilings, cabinets and underneath furniture. Start with a light spray. Spray on surface, re-spray when the scent is no longer detectable. Spray areas where mice and other pests have been cited, such as in cabinets and underneath furniture.

Be mindful about where you spray as it can make surfaces slippery and you should avoid spraying your floor in high traffic areas. You may also wish to test for colour fastness on floor boards if you intend to spray them frequently and note that the spray is not intended for fabrics.

Tip 4: Peppermint Oil Diffusion

Use 4-5 drops of Peppermint Oil in a diffuser or vaporiser to discourage pests in your home. As a bonus the aroma will refresh your home and boost altertness and mental clarity. Do not add more than the suggested amount as too much Peppermint can cause headache or nausea.

Tip 5: Outdoors

Peppermint Oil for Pests can also be used successfully outdoors. It has been sprayed around sheds, pools, chicken coops, gardens and has very successfully deterred mice from creating homes in the hay bales on farms. You may find that you need to reapply the Peppermint Oil and Spray more frequently as the scent will dissipate more quickly outside and of course, after rain or wet weather.

We suggest that whether indoors or outdoors, for best results use Peppermint Oil for Pests and Peppermint Pest Spray together.

If you have an interesting story about naturally deterring pests please share it with our community in the comments box below.

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